The Theater im Depot is a place of diversity and open to all people – regardless of their nationality, origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age and appearance. Different life stories and main interests of people from different social backgrounds are very welcome here.

Our attitude, our behavior and our awareness as Theater im Depot in the context of anti-discrimination is based on the self-commitment to anti-discrimination of the Alliance of International Production Houses, from which we quote here:


We are committed to active and preventive action against any form of discrimination. We undertake to encourage our employees, our cooperation partners, artistic, technical and administrative production teams, guests and our audience to always contribute to a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance in the sense of solidarity. If discriminatory incidents become known, we will address them immediately and take action. We appoint confidants who are qualified in work critical of discrimination and whom those affected can turn to. We train the employees of our institutions in anti-discrimination practice and actively fight against abuse of power, sexual harassment and bullying. We undertake to punish concrete cases of discrimination in consultation with those affected and to counteract institutional discrimination through changes in our houses. We also work on the topic discursively and artistically in our program. We regard this work as a continuous process that needs to be regularly and self-critically reviewed.


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