Nuss mit Lustig

A confident girl gets her prince. The Czech fairy tale film »Three Nuts for Cinderella« is a must for many before Christmas. The Theater im Depot shows its own version of the cult classic, with lots of wit and unusual ideas. The story begins today, in a gas station in Dortmund. Nothing is going on, but the boss insists that the gas station stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So the poor employee has to work. At least two guests show up that evening, a Czech trucker and a know-it-all father who was kicked out by his wife. The three decide not to give in to the blues, but to tell each other a story they remember from their childhood, that of Cinderella.

The new version of the text was written by cultural journalist and cabaret artist Stefan Keim and, for the sake of simplicity, also directed it. "Cinderella - nut with funny" is sometimes a crazy parody, but the performance also develops a lot of heart. Because with all the fun of transformations and stage action, it's also about the fact that fairy tales have the power to save lonely souls. Even those stranded in a gas station in Dortmund at night.

A lighthearted comedy that runs in both afternoon family and evening schedules.

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