A Christmas Carol

In the style of Charles Dickens

Show in German language

Scrooge, the old merchant, ruthlessly torments his unhappy debtors, humiliates his underpaid secretary, and treats his neighbors with contempt. Even as Christmas is approaching, any human reaction seem to be just superfluous for Scrooge. But then, on Christmas night, he is haunted by a few ghosts...

"A Christmas Carol" has been put on stage and film in many different versions. Here, the classic is presented as if everythig is happening in our times, and some unconventional ideas have been added. Also, there are Christmas cookies baked live on stage! This is a wintery and joyful theater evening, which warms up the theater space as well as the audience during Christmans season. This is also because beyond the "modern" approach taken here, the show retains the timeless literary quality. What also remains is the question of social responsibility, and of the true values of a society, which must always be asked anew.

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