Experiencing Time Passing

An audio piece for a stroll – Anna Till & Barbara Lubich

What is the value of my time?
What do I spend it on?
Am I allowed to waste time?

The question of (good) use of time is omnipresent in our society. In addition to the search for the greatest possible degree of efficiency, thinking about time confronts us with our own mortality. Everyone experiences time differently all the time. One could say that we carry different temporalities within us. Most of the time it seems to us that there is not enough time. The audio piece invites us to consider different ways of perceiving time.

Do I have time? Can one possess time at all? And when does time stand still?
Barbara Lubich and Anna Till asked people of different ages and professions about their experience with time. In combination with poetic texts and sound design, these voices have their say in the audio piece.

Access via the website: www.experiencingtimepassing.de

Headphones are required to experience the audio piece. Thank you for bringing your cell phone and appropriate headphones to the event.

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