Iggy Malmborg (Sweden)

In SATAN, Swedish actor and theatre maker Iggy Malmborg tells the supposedly true story of his short life and his problem in six chapters and a prologue. It's a bumpy road that takes him from a deeply Christian family in the Swedish countryside, through friendships, sins, and homelessness, to Theater im Depot. It unfolds a story of a hero who tries to become a villain but fails. SATAN could be seen as an homage to the ancient form of oral storytelling, where a solo performer’s body and voice are the sole means to bring the audience to far away places. But at the same time something or someone lurks in the shadows...

SATAN is dedicated to the function of illusion. Illusion as a momentary, pleasurable escapism, but also as an elemental tool of creating stability and wholeness in reality itself. Whoever dedicates oneself to the subject of illusion must also talk about truth. In the cosmos of this piece, truth is an instance that reveals itself in a structure of fiction. Malmborg's aesthetic style in his previous works is characterised by fragmentation and repetition. But in SATAN, he will for the first time tell a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end, in exactly that order. But what does it mean to tell a story, does this act ever go beyond the mere event of self-design?

The play is performed in English with German surtitles.

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