The Hex Pistols


Three witches - they are a band and they are roommates whose living space is threatened. On a journey through space and time they lose themselves, look forward, and go backwards. Despite all the uncertainties, the journey is determined by the unshakable trust in themselves, and in each other.

"The Hex Pistols" is a powerful, sensual, and empowering music theater performance that explores the performers' experiences of queerness, non-whiteness, and being a musician. The figure of the witch functions as a projection screen for all forms of "otherness," for the resistant, for uncontrollable power. The self-written songs form the foundation on which the story of the three witches is built. The plot alternates between personal stories and perceptions, repeats, and changes, it is in search of alternative feminist dramaturgies and realities. The performance is for young people, especially those who never really feel they belong: it's a chance to feel seen, to discover your own magical power, to celebrate your own "weirdness" or just to start a garage punk band.

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