Transnationales Ensemble Labsa

Sorry, ich muss schlafen! - The Performance

In its  project "Sorry, I have to sleep!", the transnational ensemble Labsa deals with different forms of sleep, with their subversive potential, with sleep as an act of resistance - on different levels of social realities.

Dreams are part of it. They are the most radical narrative instances that we know and at the same time an open door to fiction. According to Olga Tokarczuk, fiction always contains some kind of truth. In dreams we not only bridge spatial distances, we give ourselves permission to tell our own stories while dreaming. Dreaming and sharing dreams is essential for many people because dreams have great emancipatory and representative power.

In the evenings at the theater, the ensemble focuses on creating intimacy between everyday experiences and what is happening on stage. In doing so, ensemble members connect with people from their communities, expanding the formats of kitchen talk and non-linear storytelling. Analogue, practical and relationship-building formats are integral parts of their productions. Visitors are cordially invited to participate, to listen to dreams and to tell dreams themselves, to ask questions in the "call center for dreamers and non-dreamers", to give or take a massage, to listen to music or to be brave nothing to do and change your mind at any time.

Tickets available, please call 0231 982120.

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