Virtual Reality Workshop

“Expanding Inscriptions: somatic/graphic/choreographic/computational” mit Kiraṇ Kumār

This workshop is a two-day collaborative exploration led by artist Kiraṇ Kumār. It will share an ongoing choreographic-computational collaborative research between Kiraṇ and programmer Matthias Härtig.

In the first part, will be offered a somatic approach to geometric drawing and dancing. These practices derive from the hatha yoga techniques āsana(posture), and prāṇāyāma (breath modulation), as well as from kōlam drawing in Tamil tradition. Building on this, the choreographic/computer-based components will tap into principles of temple dance from across India and Indonesia, highlighted through meditative visualization. In this process, participants will be supported by live generation and modulation of digital particles through motion capture.

The workshop "Expanding Inscriptions: somatic/graphic/choreographic/computational" follows an open and participatory approach between ritual, spiritual and digital elements of dance practice. 

It offers an introduction to KiraṇKumār's transdisciplinary practice at the intersection of dance, visual arts, new media, and writing. Through Kumār's conception of words, images, movements, sounds, breath, and pixels as plural modes of "inscription," choreo-graphy reconfigures itself here as a sequence of deep inscriptions into various habitats: psycho-physical, socio-political, artistic, scientific, philosophical, technological spaces.

Free admission

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